Monday, 27 April 2009

Dear Ofcom
I am writing to inform you of my disgust and anger at the recent 'Brass Eye' programme; 'Peadogeddon'. I do not like the fact it took such a serious issue and mocked it which was not funny. I found the programme very offensive including the pictures of a child's face on a woman's body and the showing of a young child's enhanced breasts.

I did not find this programme humerous and do not understand why this would be shown on channel 4 as it can be very offensive to many viewers. Also the exploitation of many celebrities in this programme also caused me offence as I was aware many celebrities did not agree to the mocking of paedophilia.

I do not think this programme creates a good impression for channel 4, therefore hope you reconsider showing programmes like this again.

Yours sincerely
Gemma Andrews

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